Compare two URLs by GET parameters online

Find difference between parameters of two URLs
This tool allows you to find difference between two URLs parameter by parameter.
It finds same GET parameters by name in URLs and compare their values.

If they differ -- then cell of second URL marked with yellow,
if values equal -- white,
if parameter doesn't exist in second URL -- red,
in opposite if parameter exists only in second URL -- cell of second URL will be marked with green.

So the order of two URLs matters, you'll have different visual result if you swap URLs,
but of course it won't change logical meaning.
Arrays are supported, but with their own way.
Tool only shows if current value of array-parameter exists (or doesn't) in second URL.
Keys of compared arrays are shown but are not taken into account while comparing.
Only one-dimensional arrays are supported for the present, multi-dimensional arrays will be considered as one-dimensional
In additional a part of URL like this: '&abc=1&abc=33&abc=543&abc=99' will be considered as an array abc with values [1, 33, 543, 99]

Some parameter values can be changed, corresponding URL will be changed too and whole table will be drawn from scratch.


red -- parameter of the first URL is missed in the second URL

yellow -- parameter value differs from the same parameter value of the second url

green -- parameter of the second URL is missed in the first URL

Add comments if you like my tool and found bug or you have some ideas